Top Attractions in Santa Fe, NM


Santa Fe is a wonderland on its own. Harboring a huge collection of tourist activities, one can definitely spend their lifetime in the area. Situation of Santa Fe in a tributary that empties its water into Rio Grande River to the South-western slopes of the Cristo mountain ranges gives the city a spectacular view. Talking about the established cultural practices in the area, the multiethnic population is composed of Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans and the Anglo-Americans as well. Just to state the simplest form of beauty, the entire city is clothed in art!

As a great tourist whose glamor lies in endless vacations and sightseeing, Santa Fe might be the place for all your items that you record as “dream areas to visit”. This article shall unravel some of the top six sites to mark as vacation in Santa Fe.


The historical trade route has transitioned into an entire glamour for tourists.  Some Top rated restaurants and cafes as well as tea houses are located at strategic points in the area. You can also have a breathtaking moment glancing on the beautiful pottery, jewelry and other forms of art as you walk by the roadside. The Canyon road also hosts rich artistic galleries and studios for art. If your plan is to effectively explore the area, you might also get a chance to explore the hardworking craftsmen in their workshops.


The southwest culture which almost faced extinction in the ancient times is displayed and preserved in this museum of art, established in 1909. Here, you can find almost all forms of Indian cultural practices as well as Native American performances. Pottery, basketry and native American music as well as dance are some of the amazing features of the museum. To even spice up your experience as a tourist, they have other performances such as storytelling, jewelry displays and archeological archives. Research work is also found in these archives for the curious minds!


Another important site for contemporary and traditional performances is the opera house. Included in the top list of Performing Arts in New Mexico, the site is equipped with theaters for performances held every season as well as workshops that teach residents and tourists through apprenticeship. The popular traditional Madam Butterfly Performance and Modern-based Doctor Atomic performances are part of this glorious opera.

The Prestigious LORETTO CHAPEL

Santa Fe also houses probably the most spectacular church built structure built in the mid nineteenth century. Loretto Chapel was laid on ground in the 1850s as a present to the hardworking Sisters of Loretto by Jean Baptists Larmy, an archbishop. It’s window are furnished with stained glass while the inside entails a wooden spiral staircase which appears to be supported by nothing but the free air. However, it is the supporting column that is obscured to make it seem like it is actually hanging!


Truly, Santa Fe has a religious historical base that can be clearly demonstrated by the amazing face of this church. You definitely have to stop for an hour to survey the outward front made of rounded arches and columns of Corinthian design as well as the Square towers shooting high up. The holy cathedral began construction in 1869 and took around 17 years to finish. The inside holds the beautiful statue if the Virgin Mary.

Museum of New Mexico Complex—Santa Fe

Comprised of four prestigious museums, the entire building will blow your mind before you even take a look at what is in store. The Photo Archive museum displays hundreds of thousands of images that can take you back to the nineteenth century. The Palace of Governors takes you across the political journey of the state of New Mexico from the seventeenth century. The remaining two museums hold a great library in one and printed presses.

While these sites prove rich in cultural and religious history, there are many other sites in Santa Fe that can offer you a valuable change to explore art and economy and to learn about the historical demographic and population changes of the region.

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