Population & Demographic Information of the Santa Fe, NM


Located in the glorious state of New Mexico, Santa Fe is regarded as one of the most prestigious cities in the area. It is also the Capital as well as the fourth largest city in the country. Santa Fe boasts over 80,000 residents. Being the oldest in New Mexico, various cultures and nationalities have settled in the city.

A population density calculated in the year 2010 shows that at least 700 people occupy a single square kilometer. The city has faced a rapid population growth since the year 2010 which can be attributed to several factors. Some of these include religious functions, work, immigration and improved lower death rate. The population mainly consists of almost 85% Whites. Other races take up about 7.8% of the total population. Native Americans are about 2.1% while places with more than one race add up to 3%. Santa Fe is also inhabited by roughly 1.31% Asians and people from The Pacific islands taking up about 0.14%. Black Americans and African Americans conclude the list with almost 0.9% of the total. This population is well distributed over the entire city. There has been a notable increase in population per year in Santa Fe from 2010, when the population was about 68,000.

The typical household in Santa Fe earns around $53,922 median earnings and about $76,000 average income. This amount is remarkable and contributes to the relatively high average income in New Mexico. There are several opportunities spread throughout the city including Art and craft, building, tourism among others. A typical  house in Santa Fe consists of about 5 rooms with a rent of $1004 per month. The cost of a household on average adds up to $265,000. Santa Fe has about 41,484 officially registered households. A considerable portion of the city’s buildings are characterized by Pueblo style of Architecture.

The life expectancy has improve over the years with improvement of working conditions, medicare facilities and health awareness. The average male in Santa Fe has roughly 40 years life expectancy while a female leads with a higher value of almost 45 years. These proportions can be averaged to about 42.8%.

The ratio of females to males is high such that in every hundred females, there are 89 males. The lower number of men is probably due to the lower life expectancy compared to females. Sadly, most young people move out of the city to settle elsewhere leaving only 11%. This is common for youths aged between 20 and 29 years old. The male population makes up about 5.2 percent while unmarried females take up 12.7%. Santa Fe comprises a larger portion of residents who are yet to start families and live ins single units. About 37% of the population are couples while 7% population remains unmarried.

Santa Fe also holds a higher percent of artists and Doctorates compared to other cities. This portion makes up almost 40% of the population. Therapists, training gurus and talented artists flock the city. Being a Metropolitan different citizens from other areas like patients with tuberculosis visit the city to access its advanced healthcare. It is also a religious centre  with cathedrals and chapels. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Santa Fe’s demographics, you should learn about Santa Fe style homes as well.

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