What is a Santa Fe Style Home?


Everyone wants to have a beautiful home to live in. Hundreds of extra work hours and patience over many years results in enough money to buy a home. There are many types of homes in the market today. One of these is the Santa Fe home. It is known for its beauty, style and comfort. The Santa Fe style home is desired by many because it is supremely versatile. You can use it as your main abode or a vacation home. Here are the characteristics of the Santa Fe style home.

An open plan layout

The first thing that you notice about a Santa Fe style home is that it has an open plan layout. This means that its living room, lounge and kitchen are separated by short partitions. As such you can view the furnishings and people in each section of the house from any room. This makes it breezy and quite ideal for hosting people.

The open plan layout also makes the Sant Fe house easy to decorate. That’s because you can use the partitions to create a uniform style around the house. Also, similar accents in each room are visible. Thus, you can apply specific colors or textures to them for a matching finish. Elements such as the carpets, curtains and furniture can be decorated in contrasting colors to break the monotony and add your personal touch.

An island kitchen

Another feature of the Santa Fe style home is the island kitchen. This provides a combination of old American style with modern chic. The kitchen is large and open. Right in the middle is an island. Depending on your preference, you can install the stove in the island. Also, you can have it clear to provide space for handling your ingredients. Thus, the island kitchen is a brilliant characteristic of a Santa Fe home.

Natural color palette

When you visit a Santa Fe home, one of the main features that stands out to you is the natural color palette. This type of home was designed with the Summer in mind. As such, the colors are warm, inviting and sometimes deep. Some examples of the ones which you can find include tan, walnut, pine, grey, burgundy, peach and ash among others. They are appropriately placed according to position, item and material. As such, the Santa Fe home creates a warm atmosphere which remains so throughout all the seasons of the year. Its color palette also makes this type home easy to add some décor.

Large windows

The idea of airy rooms filled with light is further propagated through the windows of a Santa Fe home. They are large and provide ample air movement. It is not surprising to find floor to ceiling windows in this type of home. Seeing as the overall feel of the Santa Fe home is Summery, the large windows fall right into place.


If you would like a comfortable, open and airy house, the Santa Fe is a good option. It reminds everyone who steps in of the Summer. In this way, it creates a warm ambiance. Buy a Santa Fe home and experience its unique features for a lifetime. Prior to purchasing your house make sure you are aware of the many mortgage myths that need to be considered when looking at Santa Fe, NM real estate.

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