Things to do After Closing on a Home


It is a gruesome process to apply for a loan. Right from studying the types of loans available for you, getting the credit test, choosing and approaching the lenders, all the way to closing your home loan. It is even more demanding to a first- time buyer. However, you have succeeded in all those initial stages and now it is time to close your deal. All parties concerned have successfully done their part. The closing costs are paid and you are handed the house key. At first, joy feels your heart for success.

The second part begins with the realization of all that is ahead of you. There is a difference between the steps taken by a first-time homeowner and another who refinanced to a lower mortgage. The first-time homebuyer has more tasks to complete and be settled. To do tasks for a first time homebuyer will include:

  • Make a folder of all the documents you used in the process. Start from the beginning to the closing. You never know what tomorrow holds.
  • Make a list of all the utility accounts that you will be responsible. These include water, electricity, and gas bills. Learn whether there are any outstanding bills to pay.
  • Survey the house for any broken doors, windowpanes, locks, ceiling, floor, or walls. Make the necessary arrangements for repair. If painting is required, let it be planned for as it is a major renovation.
  • Have the electric circuit checked. This is important to avoid any electric fires or embarrassments when your friends will be in to welcome you. Let the alarm security systems be checked and upgraded if necessary. Security is of prime importance.
  • Ascertain that the curtains/blinders are to your taste. If not, change them to your taste
  • Set up mail connections with your employer, lender and any other important contacts. Communication is the key to a new home
  • Together with the documents you filed, make a comprehensive home journal. Let it include all commotion lists for the coming one week. You cannot do everything in one day. Start making arrangements with the technicians you will invite for the major repairs.

This helps you plan for other activities and events in your home.

  • Survey the grounds outside. Are the grass and flowers okay or do they need your attention? If they do and you feel it is too much to do without a helper, look for one. Let the lawns be properly done. This is what your visitors see first as they get to the house.
  • Organize for the internal cleaning of your new house. Remove all waste material present. Call for help if the house is large with many features. Let the arrangement of the furniture be done after the cleaning, possibly as per the rooms.
  • It is important to have a constant check on the interest rates index. This is especially important if you signed in for an adjustable-rate mortgage. You would not want any surprises with the first payment of the mortgage.
  • It is also good to let your immediate neighbor know that their new neighbor has moved in. It builds a friendly relationship between the two families.

These are not the only activities to undertake after closing your home loan. Some activities might not be on this list but they are important. A comprehensive list is constituted depending on the situation at hand. All the same, they are equally important for consideration. Learn about Santa Fe’s low property taxes.

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