Low Property Taxes Make Santa Fe Real Estate an Enticing Market


A property tax is the amount of money charged on land and other materials owned by citizens. It can be the charge on a home and/or land whose amount depends on the characteristics of the building/s and area where it is located. Santa Fe is the most populated city in New Mexico (NM). It is has a rich culture due to the varying communities residing there. It is a large population size and enticing tourist attraction sites, have a pull effect on its neighbors. Around thirty years ago, a mere rural city did not have a pull-effect on immigrants to come and live there. Today, it is the most prestigious city in New Mexico. The very high crime rates and an expensive lifestyle, at times, pushed away people into neighboring Cities.

Santa Fe Real Estate offers affordable houses and land within a city where everyone in New Mexico wants to live in. The low property taxes considerably lowered the market prices. It was an initiative by the government to counter rural-urban migration. These low property taxes make Santa Fe Real estate an exciting market for buyers. In this article, we shall highlight some of the reasons that make it an enticing market.

  • The low property taxes concur with the personal income

High property taxes would have obviously reduced the net salaries of employees in the city. As such, it would be near impossible for low-income earners to engage in buying property. This makes the people of Santa Fe able to buy property. On the other hand, Santa Fe real estate has considerably lowered the prices creating an attraction to their brand.

  • Stable Local Businesses

Because of the low taxes, business people enjoy stability for their enterprises. This is because of affordable monthly rents, cheap licensing, and cost-effective goods and services. The result from this is the migration of people from neighboring cities to Santa Fe where the business is thriving. Low taxes ensure there is an economic competitive advantage for entrepreneurs

  • Improves the Governments creativity

The low property taxes lower the City’s gross income. As such, they become innovative in getting revenue to supplement what they acquired through taxes. As a result, they create more job opportunities engaging more people to lucrative business or employment. This increases the buying power of citizens in Santa Fe.

  • Discipline on Expenditure

The City authority does not collect enough revenue due to low property taxes. As such, the government exercises discipline on expenditure and formulate efficient ways of providing services to the people. In the process, service delivery in Santa Fe surpasses the neighboring cities causing an influx into the city.


  • Low Annual Taxes

Property tax is levied at the end of the year. Santa Fe Real Estate offers low annual property rates lowering the net annual tax. This increased purchasing power of the people. They go for Santa Fe Real Estate services that have attractive prices.

  • Attractive Retirement

Before lowering the property taxes in Santa Fe, most retirees used to move to neighboring cities where they get cheaper housing. After the City Authority of Santa Fe lowered property taxes, housing became affordable encouraging retirees to buy the now affordable property from Santa Fe Real Estate.

Generally, the reduction of property taxes lowered prices making it possible for the City people and their neighbors to afford Land and homes in Santa Fe. Here are other important tips for investing in Santa Fe real estate.

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