Types of Homes Available for Sale in Santa Fe, NM


In Santa Fe, NM, you will find the Lompoc Valley also known as the flower valley, some distance from sunny Santa Barbara in California. This city, full of activity is distinct from magnificent flower fields and a rich range of exotic wines a few miles away from the Surf Beach. It has a temperate climate characterized by warm summers and pleasant and moderate winter. Its area is around 11 square miles a population of around 41,000 people. The residential real estate in this city offers both luxury homes and affordable apartments. The homes are available for sale and rent.

Your move to this city can never be a wrong decision. It simply has no near match. The real estate business is vibrant with a great range of homes and apartments. The units are in different styles and varied types.

The social amenities and attractions are not only pleasant but also desirable for the different residents’ tastes. The amenities include schools and colleges with the famous University of Santa Barbara of California below an hour away from Santa Barbara. The School’s wide range includes Allan Hancock College, Cabrillo Junior high among many others. These schools are an example of relief to those with school-going children. The schools are affordable and offer much needed academic opportunities for your children. If you are concerned with affordable life, there is no reason to worry about costs in Lompoc.

Lompoc is full of entertainment for the entire family. This is the spot for those who are every time are happier in entertainment spots. Next to the internationally accredited Santa Rita hills, the winery is the Lompoc wine ghetto. The Santa Rita is known for its blend of red and white wine especially chardonnay and pinot noir. The valley has over thirty wine varieties. There are other wineries include are found along the Highway 246 connecting Lompoc with Buellton and Santa Rosa Road. These wineries have contributed to Lompoc’s fame. Lompoc has not also lagged behind in the movie sector; it featured in the “sideways” movie hit in 2004.

For job seekers, at Lompoc valley, they do not need to be scared since there are a good number of industries doing well in the field of mining, processing, and agriculture. These industries are the driving force behind the city’s growth alongside the chief source of employment for many in this city, the Vandenberg Air Force Base which is a few minute’s drive of the city. This Air Force has employed thousands of civilian staff, contributing $1.7 billion to the region’s economy. The average income for employees in this city is around $45,247.

The most interesting and exciting opportunity in Lompoc is the availability of both high-quality homes and apartments. There are many options in the real estate sector, which include housing for single families and the entire family. You can also acquire farms, townhouses, and duplexes among other options. The average price of these homes at Lompoc is $303,420.

The easiest way to search for a home from Lompoc Valley is to use the internet. It will give all the information concerning rental homes and home purchases. You will want to pay special attention to Santa’s Fe’s housing market trends.

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