Southwest Santa Fe Real Estate: The Lifestyle and Homes

Southwest Santa Fe, New Mexico, is alive and developing in new and exciting ways, from in-town homes in established communities to newer developments, such as Villas di Toscana and La Pradera, with its great views and fantastic floor plans.

Find out more about Rancho San Marcos, a neighborhood that welcomes horseback riders, as well as other more recent developments including Nava Ade, Tierra Contenta, Rancho Viejo, and Oshara Village.

Swim at the Genoveva Chavez, then stop by Java Joe’s for a coffee before going to your educational classes at SFCC. The Southwest side of Santa Fe in New Mexico offers a lot of opportunities for living, and we will help you find the ideal property there.


Southwest Living Santa Fe, NM

What is the Southwest Santa Fe lifestyle like? Apart from the amazing desert views that the real estate provides, Southwest Santa Fe has a fun and enjoyable rural lifestyle.

Whether you’re planning on moving to California, Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico, you need to consider the town’s lifestyle before buying a property. Does it complement your tastes? Is it an ideal place to raise kids? Are there fun things to do? Is it safe?

Well, if you’re considering buying a house in New Mexico, here’s what you need to know about Southwest living in Santa Fe, NM:

What’s Close to Southwest Santa Fe?

The amenities in an area may influence whether it’s a suitable location to live. Southwest Santa Fe, New Mexico, has many shops, coffee shops, eateries, schools, and more. Therefore, there are many wonderful things to do in the area and around town.

The people who live in Southwest Santa Fe have many food options as well. Santa Fe Grill serves coffee, so you can stop there first thing in the morning. Burgers from Burger King, El Comal Restaurant, Hava Java, and Hill Associates are popular orders among locals.

Southwest Santa Fe also has numerous grocery stores, such as Food King, URgentCare, and Premier Distributing Company.

What Are the Best Schools in Southwest Santa Fe?

Depending on what someone is looking for, different people may have different definitions of what a good school is. Some people may be interested in schools with excellent sports programs, while others may be considering schools that do a better job of preparing students for further education. Looking at various school ratings can help you to make an informed decision. We also urge you to use additional resources, such as a campus visit.

Areas with highly rated public schools tend to have more expensive housing prices. This is because there will be a higher demand for properties in these areas. Check out the local schools and their rankings if you have children or intend to have them in the future. There are 8 C and above rated public elementary schools in the district, including Wood-Gormley Elementary School, Pinon Elementary School, and others.

The south district has two public middle schools with C grades or above. Four public high schools in the district have B+ or above ratings, including Academy for Technology & the Classics, Mandela International Magnet School, and The MASTERS Program.

It’s crucial to pick a community where schools consistently receive strong ratings. Even though the neighborhood you’re considering now might have excellent primary schools for your small children, it’s important to look into the middle and high schools that they’ll eventually attend.

Is Southwest Santa Fe, New Mexico, a Walkable Neighborhood?

The subjective concept of quality of life can vary depending on several factors. Some may like the suburbs with quiet streets, tranquillity, and proximity to open areas and nature, while others may prefer a walkable metropolis with plenty of things to do nearby. A decent travel time to their preferred weekend hangout is a dream come true for some people, while the concept of being car-dependent is intolerable for others.

You will have to get to most destinations via car in Southwest Santa Fe. If you have an electric car, you don’t need to worry. Southwest Santa Fe does have numerous charging stations for electric vehicles. However, there are various places you can get to on foot.

What Activities Are There for Kids in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Access to neighboring parks, playgrounds, daycare facilities, and reputable preschools is crucial for families with children. The Santa Fe Parks Division and Ace Hardware are the two parks in Santa Fe’s southwest. These playgrounds are fantastic if you want to relax or the children want to play.

Being close to a daycare facility is essential, particularly if both parents work full-time. Nye Bilingual Early Childhood, Playschool of the Arts, and La Petite Academy are a few of the childcare alternatives available to young families in Southwest Santa Fe. Another benefit is being close to urgent care facilities such as CHRISTUS St VINCENT PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER.


Southwest Santa Fe Neighborhoods

The main part of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is currently its southwest, which is continually expanding. Furthermore, the traditional family-friendly regions of Santa Fe’s immediate south and west sides contain a diverse array of commercial construction and moderately priced adobe residences. Schools and churches contribute to the warm neighborhood vibe. However, the east is also a great place to look at.

If you’re interested in purchasing a property in Southwest Santa Fe County in New Mexico, you should consider the following neighborhoods:

Barrio la Caada

Santa Fe properties in the modest, quaint Barrio la Caada neighborhood are slightly larger and usually include unique ornamental features, old trees, and landscaping.

Casa Alegre

The cozier Casa Alegre residences, built by Allen Stamm in the 1950s, are in close proximity to Frenchy’s Field Park, shops, schools, religious institutions, and other amenities.


There are Stamm-style houses with vigas and hardwood floors in the Kaune area; however, there is also a wider range of architectural designs, such as Spanish Pueblo, California, and Territorial.

Tierra Contenta

A 501(c)(3) company supports Tierra Contenta, a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood created to offer low- and moderate-cost housing for the city’s underprivileged families.

Rancho Viejo

Rancho Viejo is a distinctive collection of communities with their own central plazas and amenities and conveniently accessible community services located just south of the city in the magnificent Southwestern splendor and abutting preserved open space.

Nava Ade

Near many schools and Santa Fe Community College, Nava Ade is a warm and welcoming community. It has attractive architecture, convenient access to the city, and good transit.

The Genoveva Chavez Community Center and Santa Fe Place Mall, two more recent public fitness centers with leisure and lap swimming pools and an ice rink, are also located in the southwest.


Santa Fe Properties: The Different Types of Homes in Santa Fe

Over the past few years, Southwest Santa Fe County has seen significant real estate development, and this trend is expected to continue. Outside of the municipal borders, there are houses for sale in a number of neighborhoods, such as Rancho Viejo, Chuck Taylor, Nave Ade, and along Old Galisteo Road. A large part of what makes Santa Fe and the surrounding area so appealing is the rural lifestyle. To start living out your ambitions, choose a home that fits your preferences, is in the neighborhood you like, has great views, and adds a dash or more of privacy. That’s how simple it is!

Santa Fe estates offer a variety of uses and amenities, from Abiquiu’s artist havens to the Pecos River’s banks, fly fishing heaven. Enjoy the sunset views as you go back to your house or estate after a great meal at Rancho de Chimayo.

Adobe Homes

Most homes in Southwest Santa Fe have an adobe style. Traditional adobe houses are built with whatever materials are accessible, such as clay, straw, and mud. Bricks are made by mixing the components and laying them out in wooden frames; the bricks are then stacked to form walls, with an external coating of the same substance holding everything together.

There are more resilient substitutes, even though the majority of basic adobe materials aren’t usually made to last. In fact, there are many adobe buildings still standing, even some that are more than 100 years old.

Modern adobe generally makes use of concrete for added strength.

Santa Fe Design Style Influences

The three primary architectural styles in Santa Fe properties are Spanish revival, Territorial revival, and Pueblo revival.

Although they seem identical at first glance, each style has fundamental characteristics that you will eventually be able to spot. Many structures incorporate all three of these architectural styles; however, there are certain ways to distinguish between them.

Spanish Revival

You can spot this type of design by its clay tile roofs, plaster walls, and decorative iron trim. This is also a very popular design style in Florida and California.

Territorial Revival

While being from the 19th century, it was based on much older design principles. Territorial Revival is renowned for its ornamental trims that mimic Gothic and Greek architectural designs. Flat roofs and sharp, angular edges that are usually capped with brick at the roofline are common features.

In fact, this style is much more European than Mexican – think Gothic cathedrals with a Western-style façade. The Bataan Memorial Building in the New Mexico State Capitol complex is one example of this type of design in Santa Fe.

Pueblo Revival

When you think of adobe, this is generally the first type of style that comes to mind. Even though not all Pueblo-style houses are made of adobe, they emphasize the material’s rounded edges and exposed wooden support beams.

Pueblo Revival is amazing because no matter how large and powerful a structure may be, it still feels comfortable and cozy, like a secluded retreat amid the vast Southwestern desert. An example of this type of design in Santa Fe is the New Mexico Museum of Art.


Should I Buy Southwest Santa Fe Real Estate?

The number of recently sold properties is one crucial metric for assessing how desirable an area is. A large number of recent property sales, let’s say, within the last five years, might be a sign that the town is developing and that people want to settle in the area.

Before making the choice, you can also consider a number of additional factors. Does the home have the design you’re looking for? Is there a parking lot? Is the neighborhood maintained well?

These are factors that can help you make your final decision. Overall, Southwest Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a fantastic place to buy real estate. The town has many things to do. There are fun activities in close proximity, many developing areas, and much more.

If you’re interested in Santa Fe real estate, our seasoned professionals will be more than happy to help you find the house of your dreams.


Are You Interested in Southwest Santa Fe Real Estate?

If you’re looking for a new house, we’d be delighted to show you the various Southwest Santa Fe properties on the market. Contact our team today for all your Southwest Santa Fe real estate needs! We’ll be more than happy to help welcome you to the neighborhood! Our team has a number of houses for sale on the market!

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