Santa Fe, NM



Santa Fe is the Capital city of New Mexico, United States of America. It is the headquarters for  Santa Fe County along the River Santa Fe. It was under Spanish rule up-to 1610. It Harbors the famous Traditional plaza, Palace of Governors, and the New Mexico Museum of History.

It also houses the historic Loreto Church. During the colonial period, it was the administrative center for the Spaniards. Santa Fe was also a military and missionary center at that time. In 1680, it was colonized and through the activities of a one Pueblo who led the Pueblo rebellion. After the revolt in 1692, Don Diego De Vargas freed Santa Fe again. This was the beginning of the famous Don Diego De Vargas annual festival. In 1914, the palace of Governor was renamed a museum.

The City’s population is largely Spanish-American. It is known to be the cultural center of the southwest district.

Santa Fe rests on the Grand Rio valley. It experiences Warm Summers and Cold Winters when snow covers the mountain valleys. This makes it a major tourist destination during winter. Tourists visit this magnificent city to enjoy mountain skiing and many other winter sports.


Santa is the most populated city in New Mexico. It has a rich cultural background due to the mixed nature of the populace. It is composed of Spanish, English, and Native Americans


The best hotels in Santa Fe are rated 3-star. They include:

  • The Santa Fe sage Inn

This is a southwestern freestyle inn, offering out-door swimming in summer plus free breakfast. It is Wi-Fi connected catering for Internet users.

  • The Days Inn

This is a 2-star hotel offering free Wi-Fi and free breakfast.

  • Hotel Santa Fe, Hacienda and Spa

It has a summer pool, Spa, and Hacienda

  • Other 3-star hotels include; Green Tree inn Santa Fe, Days inn Wyndham Santa Fe, Eldorado Hotel and Spa, The Santa Fe Suites, The Super 8 Santa Fe, Quality inn, among many other classy 3-star hotels.

Main Events

  • Cold war kids festival to be celebrated on Oct. 14th
  • Santa Fe Comic Con celebrated on 18 Oct.
  • Santa Fe Independent Film Festival celebrated from 16th-20th

Important Destinations

Museum of George O’Keeffe in Santa Fe, NM

The Loreto Church in Santa Fe, NM

The Palace of Governors in Santa Fe, NM


Santa Fe experiences Short Warm Winter and Cool Summers. Summer has an average

Rainfall of 60mm. That is why it is dry. In winter, there is snowfall with the glacier piling to about 78 cm


Santa Fe lies at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at 7,000 feet. It has an undulating landscape as it rolls down the slopes.

It has the highest Altitude in America

Living Standards

Santa Fe has a high lifestyle index of 100. This is higher than in North America so life is expensive. This is attributed to its geographical location and being a tourist destination.

Visit Santa Fe in September through to November. At this time, temperatures are high ranging between 20-70 degrees (summer). Spring is not as hot as summer.

This is the best time to visit Santa FE, NM.

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