Questions to Ask your Agent when Looking for Real Estate in Santa Fe


Acquiring a real estate Santa Fe is regarded to as a poker game that requires very close psychological attention. This is so due to the extremely high stakes and big incentives to avoid inconvenient facts. Real estate agents are legally bound to give you all the much needed information about a property truthfully and without dodging since you have the right of asking any question regarding the property to be aware of the real situation. Information is power and the information you possess about a property before acquiring the property could make a big difference between buying a dud for a house and buying a dream home while saving you a fortune.

If you are confused about the right questions to ask your agent, this article will guide you on the most important questions to ask your agent when looking for real estate in Santa Fe.

  1. Who is the seller and why is he/she selling?

While you might not get a concrete answer on this from the estate agent, you might be lucky to get a hint at the underlying circumstances. A reason such as relocation or any other desperate reason to sell is an indication that the seller would accept any cost lower than the one set.

  1. Is there anything that you would want to know about the house if you were to buy?

If you are buying a house the biggest fear is missing out on a big negative factor about the house. This could be the closure of the local train station or the opening up of a sewerage plant. Avoid moving into a house with tens of negative factors that will make you wish you had known. In case of any doubts or the need of additional information about your prospective house, you should consider asking around from the next door neighbors or even a local shop keeper about their thoughts.

  1. What is included in the sale exactly?

The estate agent should give all the information about the constituents of the sale. Find out the exact size of the property and where the boundary lies. Find out if the garden shed is included and if there are any fixtures and fittings attached to the house. Ensure you see everything you are receiving. Most sales are known not include most of the contents of the property.

  1. How long has the property been out for sale?

The period the property has been put up for sale may tell you more about the property.  If a property has been on the market for a long time, usually more than three months, you ought to inquire from the agent why it is not selling. This could be as a result of the property being overpriced or a negative factor that you might not have notice that other buyers before had noticed.

Other important questions to ask include the period the previous owners had resided in the house, the minimum price acceptable by the seller, any major works conducted and the cost of utility bills in the area. You should not jump into buying a house just because you have fallen in love with it.  Find out more about that property in Santa Fe from the agent as well as current Santa Fe market trends and forecasts.

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