Best Restaurants for Santa Fe Locals

The best restaurants in Santa Fe acknowledged for the delicacy and unique Mediterranean cuisine is the Corsica. The standard fare across the island is high. The hotels and cafes provide good fresh local food. The food is easily available. There other outstanding businesses in the hotel industry whose standards are high in the Corsican cuisine. The places where you can search for meals while on holiday in Corsica’s best of the  island’s cuisine include:

Hotel de Roya

This hotel is in the Cap Corse western coastline. Its food is as delicious as its setting on this fantastic seashore. The special foods in this hotel include the best Corsican charcuterie and fresh local salads. They also prepare good modern foods like chicken recipes of the day, which include John Dory and Seabream.

Le Pirate

This hotel is to the North of Bastia in the heavenly seaside of Erbalunga, on the right side of the harbor. It is an excellent one-star hotel which is known for using the best and the freshest local produce. Their food is of better quality than in most of the other excellent hotels to the visitors. This hotel offers food to visitors from France who are specific to their high-level cuisine.

Santa Barbara

This hotel is known for its good Corsican home cooking and its scenic location in the southern Corsican hills just near the Sartene. The hotel chef, Gise le Lovichi does magic-using local ingredients. You will like this hotel’s delicacies which include courgettes mixed with brocciu, roasted pigeons mixed with myrtle bush berries, lamb rack treated with traditional herbs pastries that are full of fruits.

Le Potager du Nebbio

This hotel is known for its best quality organic Corsica vegetables which are grown in the garden of this famous restaurant. They are a spectacular sight. The meat foods are equally well prepared as the vegetable dishes. They are delicious! You can relax; enjoy the delicious foods alongside the fascinating scenery stretching a few miles inland from the Saint-Florent coastal town.

Tempi Fà

The food of this southern restaurant may be simpler than any other menus in the north. The restaurant is a specialist, both traditional wines and Corsican food. It serves a wide range of delicacies and local foods. It is a nice break away from the island tour.

In every restaurant, you choose to keep your option open to local tastes like cheese, local herbs or any other exciting foods that you cannot get anywhere else over the whole world. You can also find it satisfying to a shop that sells local charcuterie which is by any means the best in offering the best and most unique features of special Corsican food. The prospect of finding the exciting cuisines like the Corsica is every traveler’s joy.

Do not hesitate to visit Corsica for the exciting restaurants. The hotels are out to provide services that are worth your money and ensure that customers fancy the memories associated with their visit for many years. You will get great services including accommodation, flight arrangements, and great deals and holiday offers. Santa Fe’s popular areas attract many of the areas favorite restaurants.

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